Wednesday, January 19, 2011

anyone else?

Anyone else have those days when you just need a good cry? I feel like I've been having them more and more lately. Rob probably thinks I'm going crazy, but I'm just going to blame it on the pregnancy :) Normally I'm a very happy, stress free kind of person, but lately I've been having those days where I just cry for no reason at all really. Sometimes it's just a few tears here and there, but other days it's full on alligator tears most of the day for no reason. It just happens. Let me give you an example of some things that have brought me to tears lately. 

*House shopping. You sit back and think; really, how hard can it be? Well trust me. I feel like I know what every house in Napa looks like and what the asking price is. I am totally over it. 
*The cost of a house. Yes, I know house prices in Napa are at a wonderful price right now and it's a great time to buy, but seriously? It makes me sick to think how much we may end up paying in order to own a home here, especially when I know how beautiful of a home we could get back east for that price. I'm just saying...
*Say Yes to the Dress. I just can't seem to get enough of those wedding dresses. I love seeing all the different dresses those brides try on and how much they end up paying for them. Most of the time I think they're just crazy, but the other brought me to tears. 
*Extreme Home Makeover. Every story on this show is usually pretty sad, but lately I think I've cried every time I watch it. 
*Emily on The Bachelor. Her story brings me to tears every time I hear it. Plus she's a West Virginia girl, so she already has my heart :)
*My family. I miss them so much every single day. People tell me that it gets easier, but for me it has not. Lately, it's only been harder. I had quite the melt down the other day, but I think it was because my entire family was together for my dad's birthday and I hate being the only one not there. 
*My mom. She's having a hard time lately with me being gone. I mean..she hasn't liked it since day one, but I think it's becoming more real to her lately since we've been house shopping so much. She tells me she doesn't like it because it just feels too permanent for her and she can't stand the thought of this baby growing up so far away from her. I think she would seriously buy us the house herself if it was on the east coast. She's really having a hard time...
*Traci. She's my best friend and is having a little boy due 4 weeks before me. I want to help her get the baby room ready and go baby shopping with her. I will be home for her baby shower which I am thankful for, but it brings me to tears every time knowing that I won't be at the hospital when that baby is born and that he will probably be almost 4 months old before I get to hold him.  I don't even like to think about it...
*Kayla. She's another good friend from back home. I got a sweet little gift from her the other day and I cried as soon as I brought the package in from outside. I miss having all my WV friends close by. 

The list could go on and on...Ha! I hope I'm not the only person out there that has hard days and just needs a good cry. Don't worry, I have really good days as well and am very thankful for A LOT of things in my life. I will soon post a list of all those good things too. Until then..the tears will probably continue to flow. I'll just go ahead and cry and then laugh about it later. Hopefully I won't make Rob think I've gone too nuts and he's wondering what kind of crazy person he married :) 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to this man: my dad! He turned 55 (WOW!) on Sunday. He's a fantastic dad and I miss him every day. Here are a few things I love about him.

*Has a BIG heart
*Would always "pimple" my back when I was a little kid to get me to fall asleep. I loved it.
*Let my little sister and I put his hair in lots of ponytail holders when we were little because it was so much fun for us.
*His hands are ALWAYS warm no matter how cold it is and when I was little and would ask him why, he replied with: "because I have a warm heart." Ha!
*Does anything my mom asks him to.
*Goes everywhere my mom goes. He loves to be with her.
*Never says much, but when he does, we all know to listen.
*Baptized all of his children.
*Gives good hugs.
*Has always been a hard worker and great supporter to his family.
*Can build a snowman better than anyone else I know.
*Such a patient man.
*Great hide and go seek player.
*Love that I'll never be too big to sit on his lap.
*Enjoys the simple things in life.
*Knows how to save his money...he is very tight :) 
*How his nostrils flare and turn red when he's trying to hold back tears.
*Drives me (2 1/2 hours one way) to and from the airport every single time I fly home.
*Is always waiting with mom inside the airport for me to walk through the doors with a big smile on his face.

I just love how much love my dad has for me and all of his family...even if he never says it :) 


Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas. Family. Love it.

Rob and I were able to spend Christmas in WV again this year. I absolutely love everything about Christmas, but being able to spend it with my family makes it that much better. I have so much with them.
Pictures from the Fox's Christmas party and the Ward Christmas dinner. 
On Christmas Eve we always load up in dad's truck and drive around to look @ Christmas lights. 

We woke up  Christmas morning with snow falling to the ground. It was beautiful and a lot of fun having a white Christmas. After we open presents @ the house, we drive 2 hours to my sisters so we can see what Ryan and Brooklyn got and have round 2 with them. We always have Christmas dinner together at my sister's house. I love spending Christmas with my niece and nephew. I think I enjoy playing with all their toys more than they do :)

I just love these two so much. They have definitely stolen their aunt's heart. Ryan got Rob and I matching WV bracelets for Christmas this year. His presents are always so fun. He gets so excited to give them to everyone.

Sunday was spent going to church and then spending the last few hours together before heading back to the airport. Christmas was wonderful and I loved every moment of being home with my family. It's always so hard to leave them.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Think Pink!

We are having a girl and we are soooooooo excited!!!! She is expected to be here May 4. So far I have absolutely loved being pregnant. I really can't complain about anything. Morning sickness..what's that?? I guess I probably just got very lucky. I kept waiting and waiting for it to come but it just never happened. In the beginning, I was more tired than I normally am but that's really the only thing I could complain about. And really, what's to complain about doing NOTHING for like 12 hours straight and having a really good excuse for it?

Anyway..back to my little girl. I cannot wait to be a mommy to her but I am really excited for Rob to be a daddy. I was always a daddy's girl and I'm sure it will be no different with our little one either. I know Rob will be a wonderful dad. I just keep thinking about how much fun it's going to be to start a family together. I will be 23 weeks this Wednesday. It's hard to believe I am already over half way there. I think one of my most favorite things so far is feeling her move. It's the best feeling ever. Yay for little girls. I am very excited to buy all those cute girly clothes they make. Actually, I already started :)