Tuesday, January 31, 2012


sooooo far behind blogging. Here's a semi-quick update. 


We took a quick trip to WV in the middle of September. I was very happy to see the progress my mom had made. It was so great to see her walking again. One of my very good friends from back home just started photography, so she took a few family pictures for us while we were there. I think she did a great job for never having worked with a big group like ours before. I loved just being home with all the family. Here are a few pics from the trip..

mom, grandma, Aubree, me

Rob & I with Brooklyn

my family!

Aubree (4 months) Cohen (5 months) Carolina (3 months) 

Some shots of Aubree's first trip to the pumpkin patch and her very first Halloween. 

I had my first flight alone with Aubree in November. We flew back to WV for a week visit. I was nervous flying without Rob, but Aubree did a great job and we had a fun, relaxing trip. We stayed in Napa for Thanksgiving and had dinner with his family. It was nice having everyone together. Oh and I made my first apple pie. Actually, my first pie ever. Ha! 
Aubree with her cousins in WV

my sweet baby girl

she loves her bath

Happy 1st Thanksgiving!

Daddy loves to put me in my night cap :) 
We took Aubree to the Jelly Belly Factory to see Santa. She wasn't afraid of him at all. It was pretty cute. We celebrated Christmas with each other and Aubree on the 17th and then had Christmas with his family on the 18th before flying to WV on the 20th for a week and a half. Christmas was so much fun. I loved spending all the time that we did with Rob's family and mine. It was so fun watching Aubree try and open her presents as well. She was really good at tearing the bows off the packages and she didn't do too bad at ripping the paper off, but she got tired of it after about two gifts. We had a great time in WV, but I'll post more about that later.
@ the ward Christmas party

with Santa

Aubree and Grandma Ginnie

Aubree with her cousins again

opening one of her presents

Christmas morning before church

So that's part of what we've been up to the last few months. I do want to be better about keeping up with my blog, but who am I kidding? I'm sure that won't happen :)