Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Unexpected gifts are the best

This weekend brought a few surprises and they were all so fun. On Friday my doorbell rang and I found a box at my door. As soon as I saw the hearts drawn on the outside of the box tears came to my eyes. Inside I found a musical card that said "even though we're far apart, there's no distance between our hearts... I miss you so much and I love you even more." Along with that was a fun message from my nephew and a valentine teddy bear from my niece. It made me cry and cry. I miss them both so much. 

My next surprise came about 30 minutes later when my doorbell rang again and standing outside were two cute Curren boys with a Valentine treat for me. So fun! 

My last fun surprise was on Sunday evening while I was making dinner. My doorbell rang and 3 beautiful young ladies and 1 super cute little lady delivered a singing gram and a single red rose to me from my secret admirer. Ha! It was a great last surprise. 
Happy Valentine's Day! 

  The picture my nephew drew for me on the cover of the card. Love it!

Facials are a must

Being pampered in a warm bed with comfy blankets should be a must for women. Amanda and I were treated to facials on Saturday as part of our Valentine gifts from our wonderful husbands. It felt absolutely amazing. Everything about it was so relaxing. My favorite part was some chocolate mixture she put all over my face. Loved it! As we left and walked out the door Amanda looks at me and says something like this, "Oh there is a world out here after all." Ha! Great job Briant & Rob. I guess we'll keep you around. ( ;