Monday, September 12, 2011

so messy

This is pretty much how Aubree looks after every cereal feeding. That is why a bath is a must when we are all finished. By the way it looks you would think I let her feed herself, but I promise I don't :) And I also promise that some of it does make it into her mouth (maybe.) Ha! 
Oh how she makes me smile.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor day

After waking up Monday morning, we decided to go to the zoo. We wanted to try one we have never been to before so we headed to San Jose. 

My thoughts: 1) very cute park 2) not much of a zoo 3) waste of money (for now)

It was a cute place, but a waste of money for us. It's not really what I would call a zoo. I think they had about 5 animals. Okay, I may be exaggerating a little bit, but honestly no more than twenty. The park part of it was nice though, but good for parents with children at least two years of age. So..not so good for Aubree. Ha! It was pretty much a flop for us, but at least we now know. We will probably go back one day, but at least not for a couple of years. I did take a few cute pics of the babe though since it was her first trip to the zoo (sort of.) 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

a week of firsts

Aubree has let out a few good giggles for a little while now, but I finally got a really good one recorded on Tuesday. I had to do it sideways, because if she sees the phone she quits doing what I want. Seriously. It drives me crazy. ha. *Don't judge me on the sounds you hear coming from me. Moms will do anything to get a cute giggle :)

She had her first taste of rice cereal on Wednesday. It was a mess, but she seemed to enjoy it. Did she have to have a bath right after? Oh yes! *Oh and I did take a picture, but it's not on this computer so therefore it's not going on the blog. It's more effort than I'm willing to put forth just to put on this blog post. can call me lazy. I'm okay with it :) 

We went to visit Carla on Thursday and her adorable girls got more giggles out of my baby girl. It was pretty cute, so I took a quick recording again. 

Aubree does not like tummy time. Like totally hates tummy time. It makes me laugh when I try to give her a little. BUT she loves to be on her back on her play mat. She will stay on it happy as can be for hours. The past couple of weeks she began rocking back and forth and came very close a couple times at rolling over. Thursday night she managed to accomplish it. I was in the kitchen cleaning and when I walked back into the living room, she was on her tummy. I was so upset that I had missed her first roll over, but I turned her back over and she did it for me again. I was so excited (as you can tell in the video) so please, just ignore that part of it :) 

Aubree slept in a rocker next to our bed until about a month ago when we switched her to her crib. It was not an easy switch (for me) but I kept at it every day. Friday night she slept from 11-9 without any waking up. Wow! I was proud, but I'm not sure if I slept any better because I continued to get up throughout the night to check on her. 
This is not the picture of her sleeping through the night, but it is a picture of her the day after she learned to roll over. She now chooses to sleep on her side. I guess she thinks she's a big girl now since she rolled over from back to belly and it's okay that she sleeps like this :) if I could get her to roll back over from belly to back because she finds her way to her tummy now and starts crying. Oh she cracks me up. I love this little girl of mine so much. I'm having a love/hate relationship though with the whole growing up thing.