Monday, September 27, 2010

Just ask God

I taught a class of 29 Kindergarten students today. It was a blast! I'm always excited to hear what they have to say because they know it all and are so wise at that age ya know :) One of the girls wanted to have a conversation with me about kids. It went like this..

"Can you show me your kids?"
" I don't have any kids"
"You don't have any kids here or you don't have any kids at all?"
"I don't have any kids at all yet."
"Oh! Well do you want to have kids one day?"
"Yes! I would love to have lots of kids one day."
"Oh ok! Well all you have to do is ask God. Just ask God and he will bring one to you."

Loved it! It made me smile.
Some of you are aware but not I'll share. I got pregnant VERY quickly when Rob and I started trying but I lost it around 8 weeks. It was a tough process to go through but I was thankful to know that I can get pregnant and very fast for that matter so I just kept my head up and said okay we will try again soon.

So remember...just ask God. Little does she know that I already do :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

family reunion!

My great grandparents had 14 children so every year @ the end of July generations of the Hartman family get together for a two day reunion. There is usually close 300 people each day and we have a lot of fun. 

A hay ride kicks off the reunion on Saturday followed by a pig roast. Some sort of band usually always plays as well (mostly for the older generation) and this year there was square dancing. Ha! That was pretty hilarious. 

Sunday's festivities begin @ 1 with a huge lunch followed by a few door prizes. This year Rob and I took home the prize for furthest traveled. Who would have guessed? The rest of the day is filled with games like: water balloon toss, egg toss, watermelon seed spitting, 3-legged race, horse shoe pitching, crawl-dad catching, and a few others. Team Harry has claimed victory over the egg toss for four years now. We are pretty stoked about that!  

Our reunion is pretty country but it's a lot of fun. I love spending time with family on the beautiful nine acres of land that my mom grew up on and where I spent a lot of my childhood days. The Hartman reunion is one trip home I hope Rob and I will always take every year. 

Harry Hartman crew!