Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Festival of Lights

Rob flew in on Wednesday before Christmas and since his flight didn't land until 11:30 that night, we decided to spend the day in D.C.
We shopped and also decided to go the D.C. temple to look at the Christmas lights. What should have been a 30 minute drive to the temple ended up taking almost 2 hours because of traffic. It was absolutely insane. There were a few moments when my brother almost turned around, but after arriving and seeing how beautiful the lights were, we all decided it was worth it. 


*Winter Wonderland*

I flew home on the 17th right before the big storm hit. I got home around 1:30 a.m. on Friday and the snow started coming down around 4 that evening. If I had flown a day later I definitely would have been sleeping at an airport somewhere.  By Sunday afternoon the snow finally stopped. It was so exciting to see 2 feet of snow on the ground when it was all over. On Saturday night a few of us got together and decided to go tubing in the road. You would have to be pulled on a tube behind the 4-wheeler, go over the snowbank, and land in a foot of powder. It was a lot of fun. 
Oh and I most definitely got the white Christmas I was hoping for. 

With my niece on the John Deere

Us girls taking a spin on the 4-wheeler

Me, my niece Brooklyn, and my sister Natalie playing in the snow.

My backyard. The snow was so pretty.

Everyone that went tubing in the road

The bank you went over

Where you landed

My niece. She's such a poser. 


Monday, December 7, 2009

10 days!

10 days and counting until I get to go back to WV. I am so excited!! I will be there for almost 2 weeks and it's going to be great. I'm already looking forward to going shopping with my sisters, making sugar cookies with my mom, and spoiling my niece and nephew a little more. I'm also crossing my fingers for a white Christmas. I don't miss the freezing cold weather, but I do miss how beautiful the snow looks and the excitement of the first snowfall.

My backyard. This is what home looks like right now. It's beautiful!