Monday, June 27, 2011


My brother and his wife had their first baby on June 10. She was born at 10:08 A.M. She weighed 7lb. 4 oz. and was 19.5 inches long. 

Welcome to the world Carolina Marie Kimble

You are absolutely beautiful and we can't get over all that hair you have :) 
Aunt Trishy can't wait to hold you and she's very excited for you and Aubree to meet. 
We love you baby girl!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Labor story

I imagine every girl dreams..wait, "dreams" doesn't sound right. Dreams is the word we use when imagining our wedding day, so instead I will use the word thinks.

I imagine every girl "thinks" about how their labor is going to go before it actually happens. For me, here are a few things I thought about:

1) How was I supposed to know when "true labor" was actually happening? When I would ask this question, everyone responded with; "oh, you will just know." Gee..thanks.
2) How was I supposed to know what a "real contraction" felt like? Once again, the answer I got was; "oh, you will know. It will just stop you in your tracks and you can't do anything else." Hmmm...
3) I kept hoping my water would just break and then I knew I would have to go to the hospital without sitting around questioning if I should or should not.
4) I figured once I made it to the hospital, I would have plenty of time to call and let people know we would have a baby soon, take pictures, watch my contractions go across the monitor thing, etc.. :)
5) I kept thinking whether or not I would be able to handle the pain of having a child or if I would definitely need all the "drugs" to get through. I always told everyone that I was going to try and tolerate the pain as much as I could before getting an epidural just to see how much pain I could handle.
6) I imagined every person I hoped to be in the room would be, I would have time to put on my cute laborlooks gown and get cute pictures in it, they would call the doctor to my room when it was time to push, take pictures of this as well, get a picture of Rob cutting the cord, and then hold my sweet baby in my arms.

These are some of the things I thought about before that day actually came. Let's just say I don't think one single thing happened the way I had "thought" it would.

My labor story. Yes..this is the long version.

Thursday evening mom, Rob, and I decided to drive into the city and go to Pier 39. Mom was searching for t-shirts to take back for all her employees at Fox's. Earlier that day mom and I hiked a pretty good hill in 90 degree something temps and on the way into the city I started having a few contractions. I really didn't think anything of it because I have had contractions before and they just ended up going away so I assumed this would not be any different. I definitely didn't get my hopes up at all. We ended up getting back home around 9 that night and I was still having contractions but they weren't hurting me AT ALL. I was tired and so I went to be around 11. I woke back up around 12:30. It was only an hour and a half of sleep, but thank goodness it was a good hour and a half because I didn't fall back asleep the rest of the night. My contractions had not gone away yet so I stayed up all night timing them, playing games on the iphone, reading about labor...whatever I could do to keep myself occupied while I timed my contractions  and hoped it was the real deal. My contractions were about 10 minutes apart ALL NIGHT LONG. They didn't hurt at all but they were consistent.

Around 5:30, they got a little bit closer. They were about 5-7 minutes apart by this time. I woke Rob up and told him how far apart they were and that I was going to shower just to see if this might stop them or slow them down. Not that I was trying to stop my contractions, I just didn't want to go to the hospital if this wasn't real labor so I wanted to make sure. By this time, I could feel when a contraction was about to happen. My lower back would start hurting first and then the pain would move around to the front and I would feel a slight cramp. I decided to call the hospital and get their advice. Here's how that conversation went: This is my first pregnancy, I've had consistent contractions all through the night, they are now about 5 minutes apart, I can feel them coming on, I've had a little spotting, and I'm just wondering if you think I should head to hospital. 
Can you talk through the contractions? Yes! How bad is the pain? Well, it def. hurts but I can handle it.
My advice to you is to wait until they are about 3-4 minutes apart and you can't take the pain any longer before heading to the hospital, because if you are able to walk and talk through a contraction then you aren't in "true labor." Here are a couple reasons you should come in: 1) you can't take the pain any more 2) the contractions are 3-4 minutes apart 3) your water breaks or you begin bleeding heavily. Call back if you decide to head this way. 

I figured she knew better than I did. I mean this was my first rodeo, so I hung up the phone and decided to wait a little longer to see if they got any worse. (I really didn't want to be that girl that went to the hospital every time I felt a contraction and they just send you back home.) About 30 minutes pass and the pain does get a little worse. By now I'm having Rob time my contractions and they are about 3 minutes apart and lasting around a minute. He decides it's time to head to the hospital. I go wake my mom up and tell her what's going on. She and Rob both shower, we load up the bags, make a couple phone calls, and head to the hospital. It's around 8:20 a.m. when we leave the house. Rob calls his parents, my doctor (he's a family friend,) the hospital, and we both send out mass texts to let them know we are on our way.

The 20 minute drive there was pretty rough. The pain was pretty bad. I definitely could not talk through the contractions at this point. Rob pulls up to the hospital doors and mom and I get out while he parks the car. I didn't want to head up to labor and delivery without him and while we are waiting downstairs, my water breaks. Lovely! Rob comes around the corner like 30 seconds later and we get on the elevator to go check in. They begin asking questions like: what's your address? and all I could think was that I did not care one bit what my address was, just get me to a room. Ha!

I finally make it into the triage room where they want to check and prep me for delivery. They tell me to keep breathing and put my gown on. I don't even have time to get my clothes off before screaming: "Mom! I have to push." Let me tell you...the words "I have to push" sent those nurses into a frenzy. They were pretty relaxed and calm and probably thought I was just being a sissy about the pain, but when those words came out of my mouth, they went into panic mode. I was able to get the bottom half of my clothes off before they put me on a bed to check and see how far I was dilated. She told me to relax and keep breathing and that she was just going to see if I was dilated far enough to take me to delivery. The next thing I hear is, "She's a ten and crowning. We have to go." As they are wheeling me down the hallway I ask, "So I guess this means I don't get an epidural?" She lets me know that I def. would not be getting an epidural, in fact, I did not even have time to get an IV. All I needed to worry about right now was pushing. Ha! 

We make it to labor and delivery. They barely get a gown on me and up on a bed. Nothing is ready to go in the room and the midwife (that was luckily around at the time) tells me to keep pushing and less than 10 pushes later I'm holding my baby girl. Aubree Paige Frye was born Friday, May 6 @ 9:03 a.m. She was 7 lb. 12 oz. and 20 inches long. Everything was such a blur and happened so fast. We checked in the hospital at 8:43 and 20 minutes later we were parents.

Like I said..NOTHING happened the way I imagined it to. My water did not break at home. I had contractions but I guess not enough to hurt me so that I would go to the hospital. My doctor did not even make it to the hospital in time to deliver my baby girl. Rob did not get to cut the cord. I did not get to wear my cute gown and get pictures in it the way I wanted to. I guess I did learn one thing..I don't need any drugs to have a kid. Ha. 

So..that's it. That's how it all happened. All the doctors were amazed at how fast it happened. I dont know any differently.. I assume they deal with labors like that all the time, but apparently not? All I know is that it was quick and insane, but I am so thankful everything went okay and we now have a healthy baby girl. She was VERY bruised and swollen and her eyes were really bloodshot from coming so quickly. The cord was also wrapped VERY tightly around her neck so thank goodness we at least made it to the hospital. 

During the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy I remember telling Rob a few times how I felt so much pressure as if she was just going to fall out any minute. He of course looked at me like I was crazy and reminded me that it just doesn't happen that way. Well..apparently it does! :) 

Even though it was a day later than planned, I did manage to get a picture in my laborlooks gown with my sweet baby girl.