Saturday, August 21, 2010

I love being an aunt

I love this girl..

..and this boy.

I miss their adorable faces. 

They are growing up so fast and I miss being so far away from them. With Ryan being in school and busy with all his sports, it's hard for him to come to Brandywine when I go home for visits, but it is a MUST that Brooklyn is @ "Grammy's" when I arrive so that she can spend every minute with her Aunt Trishy. I love every second that I get to spend with her and I'm pretty sure she loves spending time with me too. This is how the day went the last time she rode to the airport with us:

It was the day we had to take Rob back to the airport. I woke up that morning and found Brooklyn playing with her toys. She looks up at me and says, "Aunt Shishy (Trishy) you not go on the airplane with Rob. You not go to Calwiforna (California)." I informed her I would not be going on the airplane and in return I got a big hug and smile. 

As we headed to the airport she continuously reminded everyone that I would NOT be going on the airplane. By the's a 3 hour drive to the airport so we heard it quite often :)
When we pulled up to let Rob out, I of course got out of the truck to tell him goodbye. When we both went around to the other side of the truck for Rob to say goodbye to Brooklyn, we found her sobbing. No joke! Through her tears she says, "No Shishy. You not go to Calwiforna. You not get on the airplane with Rob. You not go to Calwiforna. You stay at Grammy's."
I promised her I was not going on the airplane, but she wasn't satisfied until I was back in the truck and she could see for herself that I really wasn't leaving. 

It was the sweetest yet saddest thing all at the same time. It broke my heart to hear those words come from her mouth and watch her cry. I am just glad I really wasn't getting on the plane and still had another week and a half to be with her. It would have been so hard to leave her at that moment. 

I miss her. I miss him. 
Thankfully I will be seeing them again in 5 days! 

Monday, August 16, 2010

1 year!!

For our anniversary, we went and explored southern California. We went to Santa Monica, explored Hollywood, went to San Diego, watched Toy Story 3 (and loved it) and went to the Wild Animal Park. It was fun to get away together. Happy 1 year to us!!!

catching up

Traci & I @ the castle

Mom, Traci, & Brooklyn flew out @ the end of April for a 4 day visit. I was so excited to have them out here with me. We toured the Jelly Belly Factory, went to Monterey Bay Aquarium, Pebble Beach, drove up the coast, went to the castle, went into the city, and did a lot of eating out. It was such a blast having them here and having someone to hang out with every day, but I think I cried for like 3 straight days after they left. Ha! 

@ the aquarium

in front of the Lone Cypress