Thursday, May 26, 2011

mom visits

My mom flew in on the 1st of May. I kept hoping baby girl wouldn't arrive before she made it here. Once my mom got here, I was ready for her to make her appearance at any time. 
Sunday-mom flies in late. We pick her up around 9:30 and get back around 11. Straight to bed..this little lady is tired. 
Monday-we hung out, went to lunch, and of course went on a nice long walk (anything to try and get the baby out. ha) That evening we went to Scandia for a ward activity. It was fun. My mom won the miniature golf game and it was probably only her second time ever playing :) 
Tuesday-Happy Birthday to my mom. I love spending her birthday with her. Mom and I took a big hike up Westwood Hills. It was pretty intense, but we made it :) We took her and Rob's dad out to eat that evening @ Cheesecake factory since his birthday is Friday. We had a good time. 
Wednesday-lots of hanging out. We went to Yo'bell for yogurt and went on another walk. Made dinner that evening and went for another walk after Rob got home. 
Thursday- Guess what? Mom and I went for another walk today. ha! It was another intense hike up a hill in like 90 degree weather. We went into the city that evening to go to Pier 39. My mom wanted to buy t-shirts for all her employees. I had some contractions start while we were there. I didn't worry about it, but they did continue through the night.
Friday..had my baby. That story will be in another post. 

 Happy Birthday! Absolutely loved having you here with me.