Wednesday, October 10, 2012

1st birthday!

5 months ago, Aubree turned one. Yay!! Since my family was here and grandpa Frye and Aubree share a birthday, we just celebrated with family. We went to church that morning and then Aubree was able to get a good nap in before everyone came over. We had dinner, opened presents, and then enjoyed the cake. Aubree was a wonderful birthday girl. She liked opening her gifts and reading the cards. She also did great with the cake. It was an enjoyable evening with the family and I'm really grateful some of my family was able to be here to help celebrate her big day. 

She loves sharing a birthday with grandpa

with Grammy
with Aunt Monica
with Aunt Sarah
with grandma Ginnie

Happy 1st Birthday sweet girl!


  1. looking forward to tasting her p-ssy

  2. aunt sarah looks hottttttt like to get her naked and make her p-ssy tingle

  3. going to be getting your p=ssy played with soon sweetie, mean time I want to take aunt sarah to bed and practice making baby's with her